What our Clients say about us…


Excellent Service!

Mr. Mohamed Farouk Patel

RFG Real Estate - (South Africa)

Great work. Thank you.

Ms. Amy Kathleen Holtby

Khalifa University - (Canada)

Great Service by the whole Team. Thank you.

Mr. John Francis Howells

Bradenton Preparatory Academy - (U.K.)

Amazing service, very professional and helpful

Ms. Jenna Louise Burke

Dubai Air Wing - (U.K.)

Second Time using Executive Movers, very happy with the service.

Mr. Stephen Codd

Emirates Aviation College - (U.K.)

Thank You! Great Job, very accommodating with security issue at the gate.

Mr. Christopher Thomas

Emirates Airlines - (Canada)

Thanks for your help! Thanks to all Team.

Ms. Stephane Larrieu

Emirates Airlines - (Andorra)

Superb!!!  Very fast, worked well in our apartment.

Ms. Sally Rupra

PVT - (U.K.)

Excellent and fast, polite. Thank you.

Mr. Peter Jacobson


I was really happy with Dubai Team, looking forward to see how Team in Muscat will work.

Ms. Katrina Kim

PVT - (Oman)