What our Clients say about us…


Very good Service

Mr. Stefano Giovannelli

Emirates Airlines - (Italy)

Great Team!!!

Mr. Martinique Ragg

Emirates Airlines - (Austria)

Great, Fast, Excellent job!

Mr. Maximilian Beilharz

Emirates Airlines - (Germany)

Very good and professional. All items appear packed with Care.

Mr. Bruce Stuart

Emirates Airlines - (USA)

Keep up the good work, This will make the difference.

Mr. Ibrahim Elias Muawad

RLG Retail LLC - (Canada)

Great Staff, Efficient and Friendly.

Mr. Xavier Defer

Emirates Airlines - (Belgium)

Great Service so far. I must appreciate Cassandra’s knowledge and the customer service offered, it’s very professional. Considering the movement to home country I was tensed. But after talking to you I feel you know your job well.

Mr. Bhaven Mahesh Bhatia

Emirates NBD - (India)

Fantastic Service. Thank you.

Mr. Michael Martin

Emirates Airlines - (Canada)

I got all the furniture. I would like to thank you and the whole team at Executive Movers for your professionalism and efficiency !  Also, here in Belgium, your contact, Team Relocation, gave a perfect performance.  I am glad I recommended your company to my friends !

Mr. Michel Matagne

Emirates Airlines - (Belgium)

Jayco was excellent and his approach very professional. All members were good too.

Mr. Tariq Rahmat

Mohammed Bin Ghalid Energy Enterprises - (Pakistan)