Moving Checklist


  • Prepare Ahead
    • Make a list of things that need to get done, as you likely have many things to organize ahead of time
    • Get extra packing material, determine which items you plan on relocating from furniture to clothes, and the items you plan on leaving behind.
    • Utilize Executive Mover’s client instructions to help with the process
    • Moving Boxes
      • Get the boxes and packing material ready
      • We have a wide range of box sizes and additional packing material at your disposal
      • Communicating
        • It is important that you select a company that is willing able to assist when you require help
        • Determine a pack date ahead of time and reconfirm a few days before the move
        • Ask questions
        • Decide what to pack and what not to
          • Itemize what you have decided to take abroad which will help when unpacking and a requirement at customs at destination
          • Don’t throw away you items – ask family and friends if they have a need for your goods, donate to charities or organize a garage sale
          • Plan for your new home
            • If you plan for the unpacking in your new home (i.e. if your new home is smaller), you will certainly need to leave things behind and moving in will be much easier
            • Packing
              • We highly recommend, especially international relocation of valuable and fragile items, that you utilize our professional packing service.
              • Should you decide to pack certain items yourself weeks before moving day, go through your items systematically and label your boxes clearly
              • Pack essential items on the last few days
              • Don’t put too many items or few items into one box
              • Research your new location
                • Learn about your new home and area before you move to make the transition less stressful
                • Be present on the moving day
                  • To ensure everything goes as planned with our crew and feel confident
                  • Check your home once more
                    • Ensure that you have left nothing behind
                    • Do’s and Don’ts
                      • DO: Notify water, gas and electric companies, banks, family and friends of your new address
                      • DONT: Pack personal documents, jewellery and money as you will need it immediately – keep these items safely in a place you can easily recollect

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