About Us

There are endless reasons why people choose to live abroad. Whether tempted by warmer climates, different cultures or new business opportunities; thousands of families and companies make the move each year.

At Executive Movers Worldwide, we have been helping to make this transition smoother since 1999 and we have a history of understand that relocating is always an anxious time for everyone; no matter how many times a person has already moved.  Your peace of mind is very important to us and our aim is to ensure your international moving experience is without surprises or disappointments.

We understand the difference between relocating families and simply moving furniture. All our efforts are concentrated on giving each customer the individual attention they deserve to satisfy their unique needs.

We assist hundreds of thousands of families, expatriates and international assignees in moving overseas every year and, as such, we have unrivalled experience all around the world.

Our international removal services are designed specifically to provide as much support as possible, not only to the person who is moving, but also their families. We have a complete door to door international relocation service solution through the network of our worldwide affiliates and are the authorized members of the leading members of the International Moving Association.

Executive Movers is a proud to be a member of the authorized members of world’s leading moving associations like IAM (International Association of Movers) – USA, FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarder Association – USA, and NAFL (National Association of Freight Logistics) – UAE etc.